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Growing Tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes Growing tomatoes can be very rewarding The taste of fresh home grown tomato straight from the plant is far more superior compared to The taste of tomatoes bought from the supermarkets . and they’re so

Courgettes and Marrows

Courgettes and Zucchini In the United Kindom they are called courgettes, in Italy and the USA, they are called zucchini. Courgettes are marrows which are harvested young.They are an easy plant to grow, once rooted they grow

Harvesting Rainwater

Harvesting Rainwater Harvesting rainwater is easy and can save you using water from the tap, in turn you will pay less on your water bill. There are different ways of collecting rainwater, the most common one is

Landscaping Your Garden

Garden Landscaping The Garden is as beautiful as you make it,a lot of care and attention is required for a healthy looking garden . Landscaping the garden is a must as it will give the visitors the

Hanging Garden Design Ideas

Hanging Gardens The garden can be beautifully enhanced by adding hanging baskets or pots especially if you don’t have enough space . You can create an attractive hanging garden on its own or an addition to an